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With the rapid growth of vital data in organization, it has become more critical to protect data.  At Agile Cloud we offer data protection services that help you prepare for failure of equipment and recover from loss of data. We deliver protection of data regardless of whether the data resides on-premises or in the cloud. We provide a data protection with automated backup tasks, efficient recovery and simplified management with the purpose of making your operations more effiecient.

Today there are alot of challenges faced by IT departments in regards to data protection. Here are some ways to overcome them:

  1. Traditional backup and recovery solutions can’t adequately scale to accommodate the volume, variety, and velocity of today's data. You need systems to back up data so you can restore it in case of loss. With data growth placing unprecedented demands on backup processes, how do you ensure these systems will keep key business information available and maintain an interrupted flow of data?

  2. Siloed storage generates massively redundant data sets that overload backup systems and complicate restore operations. You need high-performance solutions that enable you to prevent IT system outages. What if an outage is inevitable? What can you do to ensure these systems will keep your business operational through any failure?

  3. Data archived for governance or compliance is inaccessible and therefore, unable to provide any business value. You need archiving solutions to safely store all the data that business and regulatory requirements demand you save. As the amount of data grows, how do you ensure these systems not only allow you to manage compliance and risk, but also let you control costs and add value to your data? Traditional archive solutions do a great job of storing information but access and retrieval is often painful. Active archive solutions give you the ability to place data that does not change or is infrequently accessed in the right tier of storage without complex interfaces. Making archives faster and more accessible increases the value and usability of archive data.

  4. Increased data mobility means you need to protect data even when it's off-site. Whether it's the concept of bring your own device, usability outside the office walls, or accessibility of the information without compromising security – you need to keep corporate data/assets safe while allowing employees to do their work wherever they are.
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