Document Management Solutions

Document Management Solutions such as Box help transform work in your organization, across all of your external partners and from anywhere across all of your mobile devices using the Box secure and easy-to-use content collaboration solution. In addition, with Box Relay create easy-to-build, easier-to-use, fully customizable content-centric workflows.

Stop using insecure file sharing options and eliminate large e-mail attachments. Box features customized shared links with passwords, expiration dates and controlled download access options. Also, Box Relay allows users to develop custom workflows. Just add steps, actions and due dates. Or choose from a library of templates. Easily edit and optimize templates for continuous improvement. Explore how your entire business can use IBM Box here.

Did you know? With Box Digital Transformation Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) you can have a built-in discount between 20% - 50% on volume discounted list prices.